Letter: In praise of banks and bank managers

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Sir: Will someone please point out to Angela Lambert ('Those greedy banks: it does them no credit', 8 March), and all those jumping on this current bandwagon, that banks are not charitable institutions.

I, too, have a young family to feed and provide for and my husband works extremely long and stressful hours for Lloyds Bank to do just that. He certainly does not 'gaze smugly and censorialy' at anyone or anything. He works hard for, and is very concerned for his own livelihood and that of his customers, and he is not the exception among modern managers.

Any mortgage benefits that may be available, under tight rules and regulations, are limited and taxed at the highest rates as benefits in kind. Any damage caused to 'his institution' is ultimately damage to himself.

Wake up Ms Lambert and move into the Nineties. The days of the local bank manager, doctor and solicitor being the avuncular and beneficent pillars of the local community are long gone.

Yours sincerely,




9 March