Letter: In Yugoslavia's civil war all sides are guilty of terrible crimes

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I FULLY support your paper's efforts to investigate the war crimes committed in Bosnia-Herzegovina ('Bosnia opens war crime files', 18 July) and I believe that all those responsible for these atrocities will be punished after full and due process of the law in well-documented trials.

But what worries me in particular is that the front page of Robert Fisk's story gives an account of the atrocities committed by one side only - the Serbs. I think that there is no need for me to remind you that the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina is a three-way civil war and that all belligerents, including Muslims, are responsible for the most horrible crimes.

I therefore trust that you will not fail to make front-page news of the crimes by Croats and Muslims against Bosnia's Serb civilian population in the next issue of your paper, just as you recorded atrocities inflicted on Bosnian Muslims, unless you find the crimes against Bosnian Serbs deserving less attention than those committed against other ethnic groups in Bosnia.

Rajko Bogojevic

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

London W8