Letter: Increasing success of alternative cancer treatments

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Six weeks ago I spent a week as a patient at the Bristol Concer Help Centre. It was the best thing I have ever done.

When I walked out of conventional treatment, I was told by an eminent cancer consultant that if I walked out he didn't expect that I could live for more than two years at the most. I went home alone and started to put Bristol's teaching into action. (And, by the way, they don't claim to cure, but to help.)

At Bristol it was revealed to me, through therapy, how erroneously I'd been living, and even they, I could tell, didn't hold out much hope for me as I was 'seething' (consultants' quote) with multiple myeloma. It has taken the last six years for me to gradually clear and heal my psyche, and as this process has been achieved so my cancerous cells have died down.

I don't follow their diet, but have cut out toxic food and drink, and endeavour to live positively. I am very much alive] Doing it 'my way' upon the advice of Bristol.

Yours sincerely,


Cressing, Essex