Letter: Independent values

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Sir: After reading Mervyn Benford's letter (28 January), I was prompted to consider my own views on the future ownership of the Independent. Frequently I have been infuriated by the line you have taken on this or that issue, but, on such occasions, I have been prepared to question my own independence of view and not simply yours. This is often uncomfortable - but surely healthy.

Thus, on the question of ownership, continued independence must be the overriding consideration. This is your key point of differentiation in a highly competitive market, so there is commercial logic and not just emotional support for this argument.

Financially, you appear to be 'in the soup' and it is not for a mere customer to offer an opinion on your choice of partner. But the market needs many varieties to choose from and, given the right partner, who knows? Perhaps, one day, a million households every day will be picking up the Independent and benefiting from its healthy ingredients.

Yours faithfully,


Birchanger, Essex

29 January