Letter: India: a rich source of English words

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Sir: It is good to know that not only are Indian writers entertaining the world with their English novels but India, some 50 years after independence, remains a major source of new words for the Oxford English Dictionary (William Hartston's analysis: "My word, what does it all mean", 24 July).

May I suggest another Indian English word for the OED. It has become an integral part of Indian English and it is used daily by some millions of Indians who can speak English. The word is prepone.

On my recent visit to Delhi, I was handed a note by my client's driver who met me at the airport. The note stated that my meeting with my client had been preponed.

I immediately understood that the meeting was being brought forward to an earlier date (or time).

The word prepone is being used as the opposite of postpone and I think it is high time it is acknowledged by the OED and other lexicographers.