LETTER : Information about child abusers in the social services

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From Mr Michael Hames

Sir: The net began to close on child abusers when Faircheck was launched, in May of this year, with the specific objective to assess potential and existing employees as to their suitability to work with vulnerable people - especially children.

We believe that it is only by using a combination of methods, which include in-depth scrutiny of applicants and their referees by means of interviews, psychological testing and structured, face-to-face, inquiries of previous employers (plus specific checking of their identity and qualifications) that we can begin to assess properly the suitability of individuals to work with or care for children or other vulnerable groups of people.

We have been encouraged by the backing that has been given to us by both public and private providers in the caring profession; but we agree that mandatory assessment must be part of entry to, or continuation within, the social services and caring communities.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Hames

Managing Director


Surbiton, Surrey

1 August