Letter: Instability in Turkey fuels risk of war

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Sir: George Kassimeris's compelling article ("Greeks, stop bearing grudges", 15 January) is very accurate in its description of the "Greek obsession with external 'enemies' ". There is, however, an additional reason to explain the recent arms race between Turkey and Greece.

In the latest parliamentary elections in Turkey, the Islamic party Refah won the largest number of seats. After a short-lived coalition between the country's two rival centre-right parties, there is now a Refah-led coalition government in Turkey.

The election results mark a watershed for Turkey, a westward-leaning republic founded by a secular elite more than 70 years ago. It is obvious that the country has entered a period of political instability in which many in the army are bitter and confused. A military conflict with Greece might be seized upon as an easy solution to the deep-rooted domestic problems and political instability.


Department of International Relations

University of Keele