Letter: Interview with Lawrence killer

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Sir: I am surprised that Camilla Loewe (letter, 19 December) should have criticised our interview with her client Learco Chindamo without checking the facts with us. In attempting to "set the record straight" she has given currency to a number of misunderstandings.

Andrew Alderson, the reporter who wrote the story, contacted Mrs Chindamo to ask about her son. He told her he was a Sunday Times reporter and they had a friendly conversation, so much so that Mrs Chindamo suggested to Andrew that he speak directly with her son about the murder of Philip Lawrence. She gave Andrew the telephone number at Glenthorne Youth Treatment Centre; until then we did not know where he was being held.

Once he spoke to Learco Chindamo, he made it immediately clear that he worked for The Sunday Times. Learco Chindamo then agreed to the interview. I cannot agree that our interview conveyed the impression that Learco Chindamo had sought a public platform for his views.


Managing Editor

The Sunday Times

London E1