Letter: Into battle over EMU

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Sir: Judging from what was said at Blackpool last week, it seems evident that the division between the pro- and anti-EMU viewpoints will now lie between the Labour government and Tory opposition. The Eurosceptics will, no doubt, feel encouraged by this to return to the type of nationalist propaganda which this country had to suffer prior to 1 May. The remark by a young Tory at Blackpool is a fair sample of what we can expect: "Europeans are different - they eat horses."

I hope that the Government will not delay any longer in informing the electorate of the issues surrounding EMU and follow this up with a clear statement of their intention to join, if not in the first wave then as soon as possible thereafter.

Whom should we believe on the single currency? The anti-European MPs and economists or the job and wealth creators, comprising thousands of industries and represented by the Confederation of British Industry and others who, in principle, support EMU.


Chairman, European Movement, Suffolk and North Essex Branch

Long Melford, Suffolk