Letter: Involvement of women, men and sailors in the Second World War

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From Mr E. Paull

Sir: Those who were involved in the Second World War are certainly taking a drubbing half a century after the conflict. We were, it is sometimes alleged, at least indifferent to and often given to gloating over the killing of German civilians, especially in respect of the raids on Dresden and Hiroshima.

Now Rosalind Miles seems to be saying that we are responsible for the disintegration of post-war society: for, although most of our marriages have survived until death has parted us - my golden wedding is imminent - according to Rosalind Miles, our baleful influence has driven succeeding generations into unstable relationships.

It is strange that we, the children of men who went through the horrors of the First World War, contracted long-lasting marriages, and yet the generations following us have been blighted by our insensitivity resulting from our war experiences. In the past, people were held responsible for their actions, and could not blame anti-social behaviour on past generations, unemployment, poverty, politicians, or seeing their football team beaten.

It might be salutary if young people were reared in the spirit of President Truman's declaration: "The buck stops here."

Yours faithfully,


London, SW16

1 May