LETTER : IRA ceasefire ends: who bears the blame? Can the peace process be revived?

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From Dr Jonathan Holbrook

Sir: I am no republican supporter, but after Saturday's bombing in London my anger and frustration rests not with the IRA but with the British government.

Am I alone in watching with dismay the latter's increasing intransigence over decommissioning of arms, culminating in its rejection of the Mitchell Commission's recommendations? As for John Major's proposal for preparatory elections, the Irish government has rightly seen it as an unnecessary precondition that effectively breaks the pledge that all-party talks would take place by the end of February.

Little wonder that republican patience has worn thin. Unlike the efforts of the South African government across the divide of mistrust and bitterness, that of John Major has done much to perpetuate it.

What is needed most is bold and imaginative leadership, and this the British government hasfailed to provide.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Holbrook

Surbiton, Surrey

10 February