LETTER : IRA ceasefire ends: who bears the blame? Can the peace process be revived?

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From Mr T. Gourlay

Sir: I am sure that the views [criticising the Government's role in the peace process] of Felicity Arbuthnot (letter, 12 February) reflect those of many; however, the UK is a democratic entity in which issues such as that in Northern Ireland offer the electorate the facility to change circumstances without resorting to violence.

Northern Ireland is an integral part of the UK, whose majority wishes to remain part of the whole. We must support the majority in Northern Ireland, or we must forsake democracy.

John Major is not "squandering this fading chance for peace" (letter from Bill Courtney, 12 February); he is standing for the one principle that should unite people of all political persuasions, democracy. We cannot allow the future of a corner of our nation to be dictated by terrorist force in the face of the wishes of the majority.

Yours faithfully,

T. Gourlay

London, W12

12 February