LETTER: Is quality alien to satellite TV?

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From Mr Robin Pomeroy

Sir: Many of your readers will endorse the comments of Roy Hattersley, and not only those who wish to see Coronation Street saved from the clutches of Sky. I missed the Ryder Cup and was more than a little displeased that this biennial event had been hijacked by Rupert Murdoch.

Sky is attempting to force television viewers to purchase one of its packages by denying access to the most popular programmes. Blackmailers never win friends and the price always rises when the need is greatest.

Be faithful to our own channels and hope the real media will oppose attempts by Mr Murdoch to influence us to an even greater extent than he tries to do now. Roy Hattersley has made a start - good for him!

Yours faithfully,

Robin Pomeroy

Ferndown, Dorset