Letter: Is the First Lady a Stepford Wife?

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Sir: Accepted that Hillary Clinton's homily "A view from the White House" is best ignored, the remainder of Polly Toynbee's article addresses not the question of how Hillary can best use her formidable talents but demonstrates how preconceived ideas can flatten a personality as dynamic as Hillary's, even before she has been allowed to speak.

The Stepford Wife image is dated. Isn't what Mrs Clinton asked for - an invitation to converse with English women who might hold similar interests to hers - exactly how all women gather information?

As working women, with children and concern for the future fabric of society, don't we all have the same questions concerning education, health, violence and, yes, single mothers? If Ms Toynbee was dissatisfied with the level of discussion, why not do what any good reporter does - ask better questions?

Yours sincerely,

Brenda Brod

London, NW3