Letter: Is there no better way?

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THANK YOU for once again giving space in your newspaper to homelessness ("Homeless get hi-tech shelters", 29 November).

The Designer Dog Kennels illustrated in your newspaper as a result of the competition may seem comfortable to someone who never knows while selling the Big Issue each day whether he or she will make enough money to pay for a hostel room at night or will have to sleep in a skip. But there must be a better way.

By the way, what is "statutory homelessness"? In speaking to a housing officer from another borough I was told that there was probably no statutory homelessness in Sheffield, even though I had seen people sleeping rough.

One simple way to help avoid the cruelty that we are beginning to accept as normal in our society is for deposit money on flats to be paid as part of housing benefit.

Let's open the discussion and make things change. Homelessness is intolerable.


Kilmarnock, Scotland