Letter: Israeli, rather than Jewish, policies

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Sir: Katharina Wolpe (letter, 4 August) should not feel ashamed of being Jewish because of the Israeli bombing of Lebanon. It is the Israeli government and its uncritical supporters who should feel ashamed.

To be Jewish does not imply condoning every Israeli act. The BBC and others compound this false identification every time they speak of 'Jewish settlers': they are Israeli settlers.

It is not a tenet of Judaism to occupy particular pieces of territory or to engage in actions that kill more innocent civilians than terrorists. I am glad to say that there are many Israelis, as well as non-Israeli Jews, who oppose such policies. The first Israeli bombing of Lebanon, when we saw a children's hospital hit by Israeli fire, should have been enough. Distinguishing right from wrong is supposed to be an obligation of Judaism.

Yours sincerely,


London, NW3

6 August