Letter: Israel's responsibility for anti-Semitism

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Sir: I wonder if Frank Blackaby is old enough to remember how another democratic and civilised country, like Israel, faced with a powerful enemy 25 miles from its shores, behaved towards a minority within its borders in 1940.

In accordance with Churchill's order to 'collar the lot', thousands of 'enemy aliens' were rounded up, put into makeshift camps in conditions of great discomfort and subsequently deported to Canada and Australia. Many lost their lives when the ships were torpedoed. It is important to remember that these refugees from Nazi persecution were friends of this country anxious to help in any way the defeat of the common enemy. Hamas, on the contrary, is avowedly dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

I think that Yitzhak Rabin's government has made a bad mistake. It has managed to alienate moderate Palestinian opinion to the extent of having them suspend the peace discussions - the only hope for the future. Let us hope it will see its error and change its policy before it is too late.

Yours faithfully,


Downholland, Lancashire

4 January