Letter: It wasn't me, my Lord, it was poor judgement

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Sir: Following the release of the Walker inquiry into the strange goings on at Lloyd's, I want to suggest a new expression for the English language. This would take its place alongside whitewash or hogwash and would be walker-wash. This means attributing everything to 'poor judgement'.

So murder might be 'poor judgement of the persuasive force needed' or 'poor judgement of the survival capacity of the victim'.

Theft is poor judgement as to the placement of goods or money.

Rape is poor judgement of

the willingness of the victim.

Libel is poor judgement of skin thickness.

Insider trading is poor judgement of the information available to others.

Poor judgement is, of course, a normal part of life and business and therefore excusable.

I would appreciate other possible examples of walker-wash from readers. It seems to me to be a rather flexible framework.

Yours sincerely,


London, W1

3 July