Letter: Italian affairs

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Sir: Some of your readers may be wondering why Claudia de Lotbiniere has to write to a British newspaper about ugly street lamps in Venice (Letters, 9 July).

The reason is that Italian newspapers do not print as many letters as broadsheets in this country. In today's edition of La Repubblica, which is closely associated with the Independent, there are only two letters. How does Mrs de Lotbiniere expect people in this country to help her? Her letter should have been sent to a paper such as La Repubblica.

Perhaps you, sir, could suggest to Eugenio Scalfari (the editor of La Repubblica) that a page dedicated to readers' letters would encourage participation in the political process and benefit democracy. After the recent scandals in Italy and the disgraceful behaviour of Italian MPs during the presidential election, this must be of greater importance than a few lamps.

Yours faithfully,


Enfield, Middlesex

9 July