Letter: Italy should put an end to royal exile

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Sir: In his report "Italians divided over anniversary of Fascism's fall", (6 April), Andrew Gumbel tells us that the Italian Communist Party argues they "championed democracy and helped to draft Italy's republican constitution".

Article XIII of that constitution forbids male descendants of the last king, Umberto II, from entering Italian territory. What kind of democracy is it that condemns its citizens to permanent exile?

Denial of the basic human right to live in one's own country discredits the Italian republic, and is nothing for the Italian Communists to take pride in. They would earn greater respect if they now joined the growing number of Italians in all parties who are calling for the repeal of a clause in their constitution that is in flagrant contravention of the EU's directives on the free movement of its nationals.

Yours faithfully,



The Monarchist League

London, WC1

7 April