Letter: It's peace that Milosevic fears

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CONSIDER THIS piece of nonsense: "All war is evil, but Nato's attack on Yugoslavia is worse than that: it is a mistake". (Leading article, 28 March) I was under the impression national newspaper leaders were written after an editorial conference which discussed the "line" to take. Clearly yours was not, otherwise you might have wondered how "all" the Nato members, together with the politicians of their member governments, could agree that this action is needed, yet you, the Independent on Sunday, cannot see the point.

Yes, it is amazing that the people the democratic nations elect to run our affairs all agree on the same line and have the will and guts to get it going. But it is also wonderful. I am only glad that virtually every other paper wholly backs our leaders. Shame on you that you are the odd one out.


Chippenham, Wilts