Letter: It's time to rid ourselves of this royal embarrassment

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I WATCHED two young women pour their hearts out in television interviews this week.

One was born into the landed gentry, went to private schools, was married - as a virgin - to the heir to the throne, who also happens to be one of the richest men in the world, has two children in private education, and seems to spend her time travelling, shopping, exercising in the gym, seducing Army officers or flirting with reporters and sports celebrities.

The other was born into a living nightmare. She was sexually abused by her demonic father and depraved stepmotherfrom the age of eight, forced into prostitution by 13, made pregnant by her father at 15, and a runaway at the same age.

Which of these two women felt sorriest for herself? Which one came over as self-obsessed, claimed she called for help by injuring herself, blamed many of her troubles on other people, and whined about how cruel life had been? Was it the Princess of Wales or was it Frederick West's daughter Anne Marie?

George Chambers

Portsmouth, Hampshire