Letter: Jewel of the ginkgo

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Sir: Francis Hancock's letter (22 November) prompts me to write in praise for the female ginkgo tree. In Britain it is so rare that I have never been able to find one. This is, perhaps, because of the nature of its fruit which is, for me, its jewel.

November usually finds me in New York setting forth with my friend Lois in search for this disgusting smelling treasure.

Washington Square and St Lukes place are our usual haunts. Here we squat and squeeze the nuts from their disgusting mush into buckets.

Back home we open the windows and wash and prepare our loot. Soon there is a large bowl of jade green nuts with a taste that for me is a passion. I first came across ginkgo nuts in the Far East where they are highly prized - indeed, their cost in Japan is prohibitive and many claims are made for their properties. Mine is my robust health.

Yours sincerely,


Weymouth, Dorset