Letter: Jewish horror at Israeli leader's action

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Jewish horror at Israeli leader's action

Sir: I do not write as a spokesperson for anyone but those who are humane in both heart and actions - people of all origins: those who have suffered and survived, and those who have not survived that suffering.

As my name implies, I am of one of the semitic origins, and I believe that many, many other Jews, including my Family, Friends and Mentors share my outrage concerning this cruelly shattered peace ("Israel unrepentant after killings at Muslim shrine", 28 September).

As for myself, no words are adequate to describe my total horror at the blasphemous brutality and arrogance of the present Israeli "leader", whose name I cannot even bear to utter.

Surely someone who will not admit responsibility, who blames another, displays (in this case both shamelessly and publicly) a nature of despicable weakness and vanity, which Israel does not deserve.

I know that there are a multitude of other Jews who share my sadness and outrage: to them I send my love and respect and solidarity.

Ishmael and Isaac were brothers. As an Isaac I apologise deeply to my brother Ishmaels whose holy places have been desecrated.