LETTER : Jews: positive about change

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From Mrs Rosita Rosenberg

Sir: Despite your alarming headline ("Jews 'could die out by next century' ", 15 February), all is not doom and gloom in Anglo-Jewry.

You stress the increase in intermarriage. In the very open society in which we live, it is inevitable that Jew may marry non-Jew. Life would indeed be simpler and the continuation of our faith and culture a much easier process if it were not so, but over the centuries we have always risen to challenges - and we have survived.

It is our experience that non-Jewish partners, even if not converting, are often more than willing not only to support their Jewish partner, but to co-operate in the Jewish upbringing and education of their children and in the maintaining of a Jewish home. We applaud this co-operation and we do our utmost to make non-Jewish partners feel at home in both the religious and communal life of our congregations.

There are clearly changing trends to be observed and new issues to be addressed. We may, indeed, need to change not only our perceptions but also ourselves in order to meet the challenge. Judaism is an ever optimistic faith - and I am confident we will meet that challenge.

Yours faithfully,

Rosita Rosenberg


Union of Liberal & Progressive Synagogues

London, W1

15 February