Letter: John Smith: a man who will be sorely missed

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Sir: John Smith's death will be mourned by many like me, who did not know him personally but for whom he was becoming a political anchor.

As long as 10 years ago, a majority of the electorate was unhappy at being ruled on the basis of unproven and flawed ideas, born purely of dogma. But this was for many of us a gut feeling, with no strong basis on which to choose between the various opposition parties. To those who attempt to cast their vote on the basis of reason, rather than uncritical habit, John Smith provided the grounds for voting for his party rather than any other.

His work was far from complete, but he offered the hope and determination that it would progress steadily and continually, even when such progress conflicted with traditional attitudes within the Labour Party.

For the sake of the country which he wished to serve, John Smith's ideals must be pursued and consolidated by his successor, to give us 'floating' voters a proper home at last, and the nation a government and policies supported by a majority of the electorate.

Yours sincerely,


Sutton Coldfield

West Midlands

13 May