Letter: Jonesboro shootings

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RATHER than simply blaming the parents, the children involved, or the guns used, for the shootings in Jonesboro, the Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, had the courage to point out (report, 26 March) society's responsibility for incidents like this, be they at Dunblane, Port Arthur or Jonesboro.

The value of human life has been eroded over the decades through the growth of euthanasia, abortion, and television and computer-game violence, which all promote the killing of people who happen to be an inconvenience.

Until we as a society, and politicians, sit up and take notice of this reality, the banning of guns and other lethal weapons,and the stiffening of prison sentences for this kind of act, will deal with the symptoms, but continue to have no real impact on the causes of the problem.


Pokhara, Nepal