Letter: Jostling for space on the towpath

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Sir: John Redwood ("How I would free drivers from gridlock", 12 November) is right in saying that traffic chaos is worse in term time - up to 20 per cent of morning rush-hour traffic is due to school trips. The single biggest deterrent to children walking and cycling to school is the danger from traffic.

Sustrans has launched the Safe Routes to Schools project, in partnership with several local authorities, which aims to encourage children to walk or cycle to school, by reducing the danger from traffic. New traffic-calming schemes, cycle paths, safe crossings and improved cycle security are planned.

The Government has made a commitment to 20mph zones and traffic- calming in some areas. These measures can produce a 75 per cent fall in child pedestrian and cyclist accidents. Recent research demonstrates that parents will allow children to travel further on foot once traffic-calming is in place.