Letter: Judge councillors on their own performance

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From Mr Frank J. Stevens

Sir: It is ludicrous and self-deluding of the Prime Minister and some of his ministers to blame the Scottish Conservative Party "wipe-out" on the present disunity in their party. Ordinary voters are not all that concerned about what most of us would regard as a temporary party difficulty. If John Major really believes that Conservative Party disunity was the sole cause of the dbcle, then he will surely lead his party to defeat in the next general election.

The real reason for the flight from Conservatism is the Government's disastrous policies and attitudes concerning the NHS, education, local government and taxation; combined with the sleaze factor within Mr Major's own party and in the City. The scandalous, unregulated greed of top administrators in the denationalised service industries has also undermined trust in integrity.

Our distaste is not confined to "Middle England", it is felt by most of us. We deserve better, and we will ensure that we get it when next we have a chance to vote.

Yours sincerely,


Beddington, Surrey

8 April