LETTER: Judge deserves a knighthood

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From Dr Graham Don

Sir: Polly Toynbee's article "Man enough for poisonous porridge" (13 December) makes very depressing reading. I sincerely hope that there is no truth in the rumour that Judge Tumim is to receive no honour for his very distinguished service as our Inspector of Prisons.

I cannot think of any other public servant who has been so universally admired: he has been lauded almost as often as the Home Secretary has been reviled. Surely a knighthood, at the very least, is called for. After all, Conservative MPs now get knighted for reasonably regular attendance at the House.

I seem to recall that John Major asked members of the public to suggest names for the honours list. I have today written to him urging that Judge Tumim be suitably rewarded for his distinguished public service and I hope that all your readers who share my view will do likewise.

Yours faithfully,

Graham Don

London, E3