Letter: Judge's ruling on council hunting ban ignores electors

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Sir: I have never considered myself as having any strong views on hunting. However, it is becoming difficult to remain impartial in the face of the recent judicial decision overturning the actions of elected council representatives who banned hunting on public land. Once again, we have a judge apparently pandering to his peer group, oblivious to the greater public interest.

Councillors have been aware for some time that a vast majority of their constituents are opposed to some blood sports. They have, therefore, put it to the vote and, in my opinion, acted quite correctly. Councillors have a responsibility to administer any land according to the wishes of the majority of the public; it is quite improper for an unelected, out-of-touch judge to interfere with that democratic process.

This case highlights the need for a serious review of how we select our judges.

Yours faithfully,




10 February

The writer is a member of Test Valley Borough Council.