Letter: Jump bail and boost Britain

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WHY ALL the fuss about Asil Nadir when this can be regarded as one of our economic successes? ('Having a lovely time?', 9 May.) If the case had come to trial there would have been enormous legal bills for the taxpayers to fund (no point trying to get your costs off a bankrupt). If the accused had been found not guilty all this money would have been wasted. If he had been found guilty the country would have incurred further costs keeping him banged up. Either way we lose out. Now we do not have to fork out anything and we get the pounds 3m bail money.

This seems such an effective solution that people should be encouraged to jump bail all the time. Transport and passports could be a problem - few will have their own plane - but perhaps there is an island off Scotland that could be used and simply no longer recognised by the Government. The media circus would be permanently billeted there to add to the economic recovery.

Robert Vogel

Ware, Herts