Letter: Just one more glass, hic, and men will be wonderful

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I ENJOYED your feature 'Who's who in the sex war' (Real Life, 27 September). However, I think there must have been a mistake in the graph taken from Robert Llewellyn's new book, The Reconstructed Heart.

The rationale for this graph is that when women drink wine they start to believe that all men are bastards. Mr Llewellyn tries to assess the amount of alcohol required to achieve this realisation.

Surely this is the wrong way round. When I am quite sober I know that all men are bastards, but after a few glasses of wine the picture begins to look a little rosier. By the time I have drunk 10 glasses of wine I am perfectly convinced that all men are kind, considerate members of the human race and that their prolonged company is wholly acceptable.

Sara Wheeler

London NW1