LETTER: Keith Joseph's legacy to Thatcher

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From Mr Richard P. Welch

Sir: Baroness Thatcher has just given us all the benefit of her wisdom in the Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture, as if we hadn't had enough of this during the 11 years of her premiership.

It is worth remembering that Lord Joseph's radical thinking led to a lot of wrong decisions. He was involved in housing (he built tower blocks); he was involved in the health service (he put all the best nurses behind desks); he was involved in education (he managed to alienate the entire teaching profession, losing all goodwill and ensuring the long-term abandonment of weekend sporting activities in nearly all state schools). A sorry record.

However, in later years Lord Joseph did have the grace to admit from time to time that he had got some things wrong. What a pity that Lady Thatcher did not feel the need to follow her mentor's example.

Yours faithfully,

Richard P. Welch

Nantglyn, Clwyd

12 January