Letter: Kentish lore

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Sir: Many thanks to Avis Powell (Letter, 10 July) for letting us know the origin of Kentish Town (ie Ken Ditch Town). But no one has yet revealed why so many buses in London are called 'Kentish'. They do, though, advertise a fairly uncommon surname.

In the 17th and 18th century, the name was as common as dirt in the St Albans area of Hertfordshire - but no longer. It is to be found today in London; but that is, perhaps, through the efforts of a coachman, 'Cabby' Kentish, who died in Kilburn in the 1920s, aged 100, after producing 14 children. Might it be that one of his descendants has got the 'road' in his blood sufficiently to try to oust the red London bus.

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Feering Hill,


11 July