LETTER : Kind words, but not Really Useful

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The Independent Online
Sir: Your article "The cloning of Andrew Lloyd Webber" (11 February) is very kind to me, but perhaps even more important, it recognises the vital role that the Really Useful Group, lead by its chief executive, Patrick McKenna, has played in realising the full potential of my work, particularly in new markets around the world.

I cannot claim the credit for these developments within the business as I am the composer, not the businessman. It is Patrick McKenna, ably assisted by a number of first-class executives, who runs the Really Useful Group, thus allowing me the freedom to concentrate exclusively on my writing. I do not have to worry about business affairs and I take no part in them - I don't even have an office at the Really Useful Group.

I should also point out that, whereas I am flattered at being credited for writing the Conservative Party theme tune for the last general election, the tune was in fact written by Henry Purcell.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Lloyd Webber

London, SW1

14 February