Letter: Kindness and care from nursing staff

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Sir: I cannot refrain from a refutation of Angela Lambert's querulous and malevolent article on an NHS hospital ('A whiff of NHS decay', 28 December). Not long ago, I was rushed into an NHS hospital with a heart attack; as an ambulance arrived promptly, I was under cardiac treatment within an hour and a half from the attack, the severity of which was consequently minimised.

During my week in hospital, I was overcome with admiration and gratitude for the kindness, care and concern shown (not only to me) by the staff, particularly the young nurses. In my ward of four men, one was helpless and one incontinent, yet at any time of the day or night the response was prompt and caring. Maybe I was particularly lucky, but I cannot believe that conditions and human nature have changed so drastically in 12 months.

Yours faithfully,


London, NW3

28 December