Letter: King Canute games fail to bring back confidence

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Sir: It is tragic to see the present government - aware at last that it and its immediate predecessors have ruined the economic base of the country for good and all - so terrified by what it has done that, like a shrew confronted by a cobra, it has lost the will even to attempt to retrieve the situation. All it can do is cling to the irrelevant notion of zero inflation, knowing that this will at least keep unemployment at a high level and stifle the unions.

It is even more tragic that the victims of its malevolent policies are so fearful that a change of government would rock the already sinking boat that they dare not vote it out of office.

From top to bottom this country is full of talented people. They do not ask for help from the Government, only that it should get out of their way.

Yours faithfully,


London, N1

18 September