Letter: Knickers to all that

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Sir: A brief response to Angela Lambert's admonitions to us (15 December), in which she suggests we drop our knickers. Being the respectable family shop that we are, we would, of course, never dream of doing any such thing in public.

Ms Lambert is entitled to her opinion about sex and nakedness. I can only say that in my press cuttings today I find, in addition to her article, one in the Star, headed 'Satin scanties to sleigh him', with a photograph suggesting that Marks & Spencer underwear will, to quote, 'make your fella climb right up the chimney'.

One in every three women in this country is clad in M & S underwear and most is bought by women for themselves. If, however, the odd misguided male should stumble into our bazaars in search of 'minute scraps' of outstandingly good value underwear, who are we to deny him, not to mention his partner, the pleasure?

Yours faithfully,


Corporate Affairs

Marks & Spencer

London, W1