Letter: Kurdish peace the only hope for Turkey

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Sir: If "only 10 seconds' reflection on the history of European warfare over the past couple of hundred years leads to an understanding of Turkey's crucial geographical position" (leading article, 7 June), how about another 10 seconds of cogitation to understand just how the West is betraying Turkey in demanding that it deliver everything on the West's laundry list, whilst offering Turkey nothing in return?

The West demanded that Turkey adopt democracy. Now you apparently want to object to the results of the democratic process.

You chose as an EU partner Greece - not a country in a "crucial geographical position" compared with Turkey, and a small country with a population of only 10 million against Turkey's 70 million, and a country with a military capability that is of no significance against Turkey's, which is the second largest army in Nato.

One of the first phrases that was drummed into me when I was shipped to boarding school in England from Turkey was, "You've made your bed, and you must lie in it." The West has made its bed with Greece, and must do likewise. There is no point in writing editorials making demands of Turkey.


London WI