Letter: Labour and `Today'

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Sir: I read with interest your article (13 December) about the Labour Party threatening to suspend its co-operation with the Today programme. I was disgusted by the Tory attitude to the BBC and now it seems that Labour is following suit.

Politicians of every persuasion must realise that the BBC has every right to ask them, repeatedly if necessary, to tell the truth and the right to interrupt them if they are spouting the party line rather than replying to the question asked.

Any party in government should be open to, and able to answer, any question regarding their policies. The main thrust of the interview with Harriet Harman was the question of whether single mothers who did not wish to work would be worse off following the implementation of reduced benefits. The answer to that question is that they would be. If this reply had been made, interruptions would not have been necessary.


Tonbridge, Kent