Letter: Labour intensive

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From Mr Jeff Rooker, MP

Sir: Having not seen BBC2's series about the Labour Party, The Wilderness Years ("Welcome back from the wilderness", 19 December), I remain at a loss as to the purpose of the enterprise. Much of what I have read in the press must have something to do with the fact that not everyone invited to appear was prepared to do so, even though the producers found this difficult to understand.

I am amazed that the lure of a camera is so powerful that it persuades senior Labour Party members in January/March this year to participate, knowing it would be broadcast in the run-up to a general election. What is the gain?

We do not have to keep talking about a recent distressing period of history to put across the case that we have learnt the lessons from that period. At least I hope not.


Jeff Rooker

MP for Birmingham Perry

Barr (Lab)

House of Commons

London, SW1