LETTER: Labour needs Liz Davies

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From Ms Jacqui Brown

Sir: I was outraged to read that Tony Blair may be trying to overturn Liz Davies's selection as candidate for Leeds North-East ("Blair moves to block hard-left candidate", 15 July). Ms Davies is an ideal candidate - straight-talking, genuine and a good socialist. I worked for lslington Council for more than 10 years and remember her as one of the few councillors to retain her principles and not be afraid to stand up for the things she believed in, although her truths are no doubt unpalatable in today's Labour Party.

The Labour leadership talks of the need for more women in Parliament and claims to have fought hard for all-women shortlists. Yet as soon as they get a result they don't like, this is tossed to the wind. If the Labour Party is to attract more women voters, it needs candidates of Liz Davies's calibre, and if it is to retain any semblance of democracy, her selection must be confirmed.

Yours faithfully,

Jacqui Brown

London, NW10

15 July