Letter: Labour policy reform stifles grassroots

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Sir: Perish the thought that Donald Macintyre should ever be disciplined for being off message in The Independent. There wouldn't be much point in reading him and buying The Independent if he and it read like Pravda. So why does he take such an uncompromising view of Labour MP Alan Simpson ("Spare the rod and spoil the party - the whip's dilemma", 25 June), an intelligent, independent minded Member of Parliament who also happens to be a member of Tribune's editorial board?

Alan Simpson is criticised for speaking out against the Party into Power proposals that would centralise decision-making in the Labour Party and turn the annual conference into a dreary version of the stage-managed event that passes for the annual Conservative Party conference.

If may have escaped Mr Macintyre's attention that Party into Power is a consultative document, which has been debated at constituency Labour parties and trade unions up and down the country. Many take a similar view to Alan Simpson, as they are fully entitled to do.




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