Letter: Labour's union link

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Sir: I think the Government's reported idea, that trade union membership should not be recognised unless at least 40 per cent of the entire workforce votes for it, is an excellent one.

Indeed, it is so compellingly excellent that I am even now eagerly waiting for the Government to announce that the same percentage is being applied to all referendums, general elections, by-elections, local elections, elections of MEPs, elections to the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland Council, and anything else that may have slipped my mind at the moment, so that unless a referendum proposal or candidate receives the approval of at least 40 per cent of all registered voters, the vote is invalid.

In addition, no vote in the House of Commons or the House of Lords should count unless passed by at least 40 per cent of the entire membership of that House. I then expect the Government to declare that no business in either House can be conducted unless a quorum of 40 per cent of the membership is present and each member shown to be at least 40 per cent awake.

Logical conclusion demands no less.


Ilminster, Somerset