Letter: 'Lace': the writer replies

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WITH reference to your article 'Sex and shopping row: sequel looms' (7 August), I alone wrote every word of Lace and I alone did all the research and all the preliminary work. As I wrote it, the handwritten manuscript was typed by Bettina Culham, in my flat in Monaco.

Celia Brayfield (who only had my manuscript for four days) did not write one word of Lace.

Ms Brayfield confirmed to my solicitor that she only read and criticised my manuscript, which previously had been read by Professor George Sandulescu, director of the Princess Grace Library, Monaco.

Celia Brayfield has also assured the IoS that she has never claimed responsibility for any part of my novel, Lace, and the article was incorrect in suggesting otherwise.

Shirley Conran