Letter: Landor Road, the street where we live

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Sir: I am 27, single, female, white and have lived in Clapham North for two years: my first home was at the beginning of Landor Road, and recently I moved into the 'drug haven' further up the road. I was surprised to see a photograph of my home in today's Letters column.

I travel to work in the City, and have to walk home along Landor Road in the dark every night. I also drink in the pubs in this area, which have good atmospheres, live music, intellectual conversation and friendly faces.

After reading your article (2 November) and the letters you published (4 November), I have had a closer look at myself in the mirror: is there something wrong with me? In all of my time here, I have never once been stopped and asked if I would care to purchase any narcotics. No one has ever pulled a knife or gun on me. I have never had my handbag stolen, and I have never been raped (though I do recall, on several occasions, groups of young lads, black and white, asking me for a cigarette).

I will not say that, because I have never experienced these things, they do not happen. I would like to point out, however, that Clapham North is not any worse, or any better, than any other built-up area in a big city.

Your article was obviously written by someone who can spot a 'dealer' (probably a 14-year-old kid asking for a cigarette) from a distance of 500 yards, but is unable to see older men and women

in uniform, sometimes walking, sometimes in cars, who seem to be constantly on our road; these, for your writer's information, are policemen and women.

Landor Road is 'the street where I live' - and I like it here.

Yours faithfully,


London, SW9

4 November