Letter: Latin lovers

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Latin lovers

Sir: Paul Vallely writes of the "incense and Latin brigade", and says that the "fogeys" will be sad to know that Archbishop Kelly sometimes sings the whole Canon of the Mass in English ("A popular priest to incense the fogey brigade", 22 May). Perhaps he does not know that the documents of the second Vatican Council (which "liberals" are forever quoting), whilst permitting the use of the vernacular, expressly and explicitly state that the Latin language and the Latin liturgy should be preserved.

This position has been repeatedly upheld by every Pope since the Council, so we "fogeys" are in good company. It is precisely the failure to observe the clear intentions of the Council which has angered the "traditionalists" and caused the distressing rifts in the Church. It is indeed strange and amusing to see how the ecumenism of the "liberals" stops short abruptly when they are contemplating anyone within their own Church who takes a different view from their own.


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