Letter: Lawless pavements

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Sir: The point made by Dr M. B. Wilkinson (letter, 1 April) is very valid. When I protested about the driving and parking of cars on the pavement I was assured by the police inspector covering this area that:

1. Driving and parking on pavements are undoubtedly offences - but:

2. The policy of the police is to take no action whatsoever.

My own concern has been that this policy, and the attitude it reflects, encourages 'scofflaws' in the habits of lawlessness that Dr Wilkinson identifies. But the further point - that the police should not be allowed to pick and choose which laws they will enforce - is an even more important one, and it is to be hoped that your airing of this comment might prompt a response from a police authority, to let us know how this policy is justified.

Yours faithfully,


Shirley, Croydon

1 April