Letter: Leadership and priorities in the Church of England

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Sir: Does Michael De-la-Noy live in our world? He described the Church of England as 'gently rotting' ('Dear George Carey', 6 January). That is rot] Speaking for the Diocese of Chester, so much is happening for God here that we are very much alive.

I am slightly surprised to read Mr De-la-Noy's reaction to the Archbishop of Canterbury's visits overseas. Is he not aware, from his experience as a former press officer at Lambeth Palace, of the important role of the archbishop as leader of the Anglican Communion?

In tackling the joint responsibilities of the Anglican Communion and the Church of England, the archbishop has developed the positive strategy of sharing with the Archbishop of York much of the work in England. That is not

abdicating; it is plain common sense.

Mr De-la-Noy makes a personal attack on a great man of God. Yet George Carey gives himself for God, day in and day out. Of course the task he has been set is a heavy one. There will always be cynics who will say that he will never 'get it right'. Yet, despite them, he is doing a fine job.

We thank God for Archbishop George Carey. Fortunately, God is his judge - and not Mr De-la-Noy.

Yours sincerely,


Bishop of Chester